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What is the purpose of the journey?

*Legal_Ambit* What is the purpose of the journey?

Why are we roaming from village to village?


To prepare the land for *Legal_Ambit** work has to be done at 3 levels.

*Legal_Ambit* ideas have to be established in the society, a wonderful organization of thousands of active, aware and *responsible friends has to be created* in every state and union territory and then the campaign has to be intensified on the ground on many issues. Don't make hue and cry in haste, like politicians. Don't work with corpse policy or drama. We have to do our work in our own way.

*We are also not interested in the crowd.*

Crowd is like fast flowing water, it does not go deep. Organized and restrained effort is like slow flowing water, which goes deep. That is the permanent solution.

* Those who are interested in politics or crowd or believe in quick results, don't waste time in our affair, just unfollow us.*

They will be disappointed with us, because we will not be seen much in newspapers and channels, the convoy of vehicles will not be with us. Those who are fond of this, they should take hold of any pseudo avatar or any political organization.

* If you want to come with us, you have to come with open eyes and understanding. Don't come with blind faith in us. * * Pocket money will also have to be spent from time to time * We don't want people who wink or follow or who are fascinated and confused by the division of the society.


Visit and join.

Our objective is clear – public interest and real development through RTI and various laws. We are focused on how (progress) should happen.

These days we are roaming in every state/district to meet old friends and in search of new friends. as well as a

A map of *Legal_Ambit* is also being prepared, in which our companions will be present every ten km.

I am happy that we are getting success and now it is certain that *in the year 2023, whole India will be painted in the colors of Legal (RTI, IPC, CRPC, Panchayati Raj, Evidence Act etc. Act)*.

* We will get into the issues of public interest only and only. At present there is no interest in troubling local friends on local issues and we do not have that many resources.*

*My companions and I have spent many years in great difficulty.*

We have recovered from the shock of many previous issues/lawsuits. Now our team is in full swing. But we can't wait for the next stop. We have to bring results on important issues before that. It is not because of doing these works that you will get a position…the position is given by the situation of that time and the capacity of the organization…..we have to enjoy working in the public interest and show the trailer.

Support us with your heart. Body and money will automatically be together.

"Mahavir Pareek"


*(CEO & Founder )*

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