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About Our Organisation

CEO Message
LEGAL AMBIT is a novel concept in communal living, built on the ethos of sharing. We reside in a society rife with disparities; everyone holds richness in some aspects and lacks in others. None of us are complete in every facet of life.
Some possess financial stability yet grapple with emotional fragility. Others revel in professional success yet feel isolated. There are those who rest peacefully but endure profound impoverishment. Regardless of our personal shortcomings or abundance, having someone to confide in, to share our journey, is invaluable.
LEGAL AMBIT comprises a group of patient individuals and social workers dedicated to sharing life's worries, joys, poverty, and affluence for the betterment of society.
The burdens of one might be eased by another's joy. One's poverty may find equilibrium in another's richness, and someone's success might ignite hope in the face of failure. This unity is only achievable through sharing.
LEGAL AMBIT (LAW FIRM) stands as a Non-Profit Law Firm educating common citizens about RTI, the Indian Evidence Act, Panchayati Raj, Police Act, and all laws bridging the gap between those in need and those who can help. Our initiatives have begun in Rajasthan, training social workers for other states, and have left an indelible mark through our social welfare events across India.

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